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Semi-Final: Live from the Amazon Rainforest! December 16, 2007

Posted by Josh in Eliminations.

KAUTR: Finally, the power is connected.  Let’s start live!




FYLLIPER: Good day everyone!  It’s your host, Fylliper, in the Amazon Rainforest!  It’s the semi-final of the FCPS Awards Season 5!

GUUSE: And it’s me Guuse!  We apologise for the delay in this episode from airing because we are in the middle of the jungle – where can we get our electricity from???


FYLLIPER: Two penguins will be going to our Grand Final in California, USA, next week.  The other will be sent home.  Let’s welcome our top three contestants!

GUUSE: Welcome to Sir Wurmple, Zaakhy and Rattybor!



GUUSE: Please welcome our judges!  Dude1t, Nalydpenguin, Mooseluver8, Bigmonkey123 and Fylliper!


FYLLIPER: This week contestants werer asked to take a picture of them doing something to do with Christmas in the Amazon Rainforest. 

GUUSE: Can the contestants please come here.  Let’s determine the order of pictures.  I have three coconuts, each with a number on it.  If you get the cocnut with the number 1, you go first.  With 2, second and with 3, third.


FYLLIPER: Who has the coconut with 1?


GUUSE: Number 2?


FYLLIPER: Sir Wurmple, what do you have?


GUUSE: So the order is Zaakhy, Rattybor and then Sir Wurmple.  So let’s see Zaakhy’s picture!


DUDE1t: Cool concept and background, but I don’t see a
present. I couldn’t tell if he was just swinging
through the trees trying to excite the monkeys or if
he was actually handing out presents. 8 points!

NALYDPENGUIN: Zaahky, Nice! Funny line, amazon, Santa hat, perfect. the editing was bad, but the vine helped. You have just swung into a 9.

MOOSELUVER8: You should try to get rid of the blue circle/shadow under you, do a better cut and paste, and make a more realistic vine, but otherwise you caputured both the themes very well! 8


Bigmonkey123: Well, you got the Amazon Rainfores thing down, and its Christmas Obviously. But What the Crap are you standing on? A Palm Frawn? (Dont know how to Spell Fwran LOL) and it would be nice if a Monkey was ACCTUALLY There. 6

FYLLIPER: Zaakhy!  So, Santa Claus is handing out presents?  Well, to tell you the truth, I never knew he could fly, and I’m sure he isn’t THAT crazy to jump off a tree.  That vine is ugly and hard to see and it looks like you are standing on it.  And your editing?  A bit sloppy around the head area of the penguin.  No presents either, and no monkeys.  But you have captured the Amazon Rainforest and River very well, as the river is in fact brown.  The other judges are seeming to get nicer, but I think I’m getting a bit harsher.  3.

GUUSE: Zaakhy, you did great, scoring 34!  Good job!


GUUSE: What will Rattybor show us?


DUDE1t: 😆 That flamingo looks like he’s in pain
while singing carols! Funny! 9 points!

NALYDPENGUIN: Rattybor, good but not jungle enough. you got Christmas good, and that saved you. For Christmas, I am giving you, a 7.

MOOSELUVER8: The way you put the panguin and the speech bubbles in, I read what the flamingo was saying first, and got confused. But it was kinda (sorta) funny.  Good penguin editing but bad speech bubble editing.  Good santa hat but bad other clothes…

Ummm….   …6

BIGMONKEY123: Ok I Have to Admit…THAT WAS TERRIBLE! Im Just Kidding. Im Acctually very impressed! I Love it all. Your at 10 right now. But you misspelled Sing, so your at Nine. Do Flamingos Live in the Rainforest? Your Final Score is 8.

FYLLIPER: Let’s start good. You got the rainforest.  And you got some Christmas.  But like Moose said, I read what the flamingo said first, so place your speech bubbles wisely.  Your penguin has been cropped well.  But the speech bubbles are absolutely terrible.  And you spelled sing wrong as well.  And what is with those clothes??? Santa Hat, good.  Hawaiian Lei?  We are NOT in Hawaii, we are in South America!!!  Yellow Flip Flops?  Pink Duffle Coat???  NOT Christmassy!  I want Christmas!  Wear an Elf suit or something!  Your a member so you should be wearing decent clothes!  I hope the night doesn’t get worst.  But since you tried to put in a joke, I’ll give you 2.  [The other judges are too nice]

GUUSE: Rattybor, you scored 32!  Not too bad, just 2 points off Zaakhy!


GUUSE: Last but not least, Sir Wurmple!


DUDE1t: Hi santa! Since when did he have a black
mustache? Nothing special or funny to me though. 8

NALYDPENGUIN: Sir Wurmple, ok picture. Santa theme, and jungle. I give you 8, because of bad editing.

MOOSELUVER8: OH MY GOSH! THAT IS HORRIBLE!!!! Im sorry but i cant read the bottom words and the penguin is blurry, is wearing weerd glasses/ nose thing, and I cant even tell who is saying the thing at the bottom! EW! sorry, but 3.

BIGMONKEY123: Blury. Whos saying its Santa. PLease add White in the Backround of the Speech Bubble. I can give you a score but its a low one. You picked a bad time to Mess up Wurmple. Sorry but you get a 3.

FYLLIPER: Sir Wurmple…ummmm…Where can I start? Good bits first.  Santa Hat.  Good. Amazon river.  Good.  I notcied something.  All three of your backgrounds, speaking to all contestnats, are the first 15 images from google for the search term “Amazon Rainforest”…hmmmm…Well your text is ok at the top but terrible at the bottom.  I cannot read it whatsoever.  And why isn’t Santa wearing Santa clothes???  Why is he wearing ugly masks and suits???  Last week I gave you 1, this week I give you 1.  No improvement.  You do not deserve to be on this show and I hope nobody voted for you.  1 point from me!

GUUSE: Harsh, eh?  That’s 25 points total.  Now let’s find out who is eliminated.

FYLLIPER: Sir Wurmple.  Rattybor.  Zaakhy.  One of you is elimianted and the other two move on to the final.  Sir Wurmple, you scored badly with the judges, will you make it through?  Rattybor, you scored well with the judges.  But did anyone vote for you? 

GUUSE: Rattybor, you are in the bottom two.  Zaakhy, top scorer tonight, well done!  Either oyu or Sir Wurmple is in the bottom two and the other moves to the final.  Sir Wurmple is safe!


FYLLIPER: Zaakhy.  Rattybor.  Who is eliminated?  I will read out the name of the person that will be going to the final, okay?  Joining Sir Wurmple in the Grande Finale and having a shot at 1st place, is…


GUUSE: Which means that your finalists are Sir Wurmple and Rattybor but Zaakhy is eliminated.  Keep voting and goodnight!



1. Rattybor - December 16, 2007

OMG I CANT WAIT!!! and yes flamingos do live in the rainforest lol. Well according to my encyclopedia….

2. carcrazyguy100 - December 16, 2007

uhh… i’m confused with the who gets to the final part… oh well… congrats to sir wurmple and rattybor for making it to the finals!!! zaakhy, you did a good job coming all this way. maybe you can try again next season.

good luck to all contestants!!!

3. fotis01 - December 16, 2007

you said you will rate the pictures at rome and you didnt!

4. Zaakhy - December 16, 2007

I suck I never win anything!EVER!

5. nalydpenguin - December 17, 2007

omg!!!!! i was too nice!!!!! 😦 I will be absolutely evil next time!!!!

6. nalydpenguin - December 17, 2007

i came to your party! Nice theme……????????

7. carcrazyguy100 - December 17, 2007

fyll, why did you change the theme to this one?!? its cramped! and i hate the sidebar placed down there! try another theme like freshy.

8. zoe3000 - December 19, 2007

YAY! My hometown next week.

9. Bluesoulxo - December 20, 2007

I have not been on this site for a few weeks, but now im back! Im surprised sir wurmple and rattybor made it al the wya to grand finale!
plus when is the next season going to start? I willl sign up very early this time! lol

10. zoe3000 - December 21, 2007

Pets flamingo.

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