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Elimination #1: Live from Sydney, Australia! January 11, 2008

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FYLLIPER: It’s me Fylliper and welcome to the FCPS Awards Season Six Elimination Number One live from Sydney, Australia!

GUUSE: And I’m Guuse!  Today one of our six contestants will be eliminated.  Here’s how it works.  The judging results of tonight will be divided by six and added on to each contestants voting results from the poll on the Voting Area determining who has the lowest amount of total points and who will be going home. 

FYLLIPER: This week about 140 votes were cast.  However, with the poll, there was no way to stop the contestants voting for themselves, so for example Penguina could have voted for herself 34 times, which would be cheating.  Because it is not secure enough. you will now have to vote through a comment again.  But don’t worry, you can still vote as much as you like but contestants cannot vote. 

GUUSE: Also, some of you have been asking about the Support Zone.  It will be coming up within the next 24 hours so bear with us!

FYLLIPER: Let’s welcome our contestants!  Fotis01, Viren 123, Harryhills12, Ritetub, Miss Zoe3000 and Shakan97!


GUUSE: Tonight contestants were asked to produce a picture of themselves in Sydney, Australia, to be judged by our judging team.  I am going to hand over the hosting duties to Kautr as he introduces the judges for tonight!

KAUTR: Thankyou, Guuse.  Tongiht’s judging panel is: Guuse, Rattybor, Nalyd Renrut [the judge formerly known as Nalydpenguin], Mooseluver8, Dude1t and Fylliper!


KAUTR: Let’s get started with Fotis01’s picture!


GUUSE: Why did you make him swim in the Sydney Harbour Bridge?  And it’s very messy and your penguin looks edited.  I give it 5 out of 10.

RATTYBOR:  Pretty good copy and paste but a little messy around the corners…you couldve done something other than a ban and said something related to the opera house while you were swimming, And your outfit isn’t that austrailian-like…. But it was goood to try something that no1 else did! It just dosent match the theme very well…..5.

NALYD RENRUT: Fotsio1, you are lucky I am not going to ramble on like some judges here might. I am going to tell you exactly what I think. Wow, I have never seen anybody make a fake ban! Very original! (Sarcasm) Sadly, I have to judge you on certain criteria. It was a neatly done picture. The theme just wasn’t there. Not creative. I give you 3. (My favorite number to give out.)

MOOSLUVER8: Eh, its ok i guess…i can see the classic sydney icon in the backround so i know its in sydney…its edited okay, its pretty neat-not too sloppy…umm, not SUPER funny in my opinion but not bad, its pretty creative. And the words on the mod thing and the color are off but other than that its ok…7

DUDE1t: Great editing and its pretty funny too! Try to
leave out the small white outlining on the penguin
though! 9 points!

FYLLIPER: Fotis, welcome back!  Well, the first picture for the season, isn’t all that impressing.  The joke is okay, but it is creative by doing a ban.  The last time we saw a ban was back in Season Three with Lakera.  Well, it could be mroe Sydney-like, so not what I was expecting from you.  And it’s pretty neat but can be better.  You get 4.

KAUTR: Good job Fotis01, you scored 33!  Next up is Viren 123!


GUUSE: It’s very clear but you can clearly see that you have edited it.  Next time make it harder to see that you have edited it.  2.
Hmm…. Lets start good,Opera house and nice sky along with the harbour bridge…. but BAD copy and paste,And your outfit isn’t that austrailian-like…. Hmmm….. I dont really see anything else thats eye catcbing…and you used the firsrt picture of the opera house when searching  on google images…. I’ll give you a 4.
NALYD RENRUT: Viren123, seems like you might be in my position from when I entered. Nobody had heard of me, until I became runner-up. I am a little bit nicer to the entrants that don’t come back every season. fotsio1 has been coming back a while and you did better than him! Sorta of neat, not all made of boxes. You hit the theme right on the head! Considering this is the first time in a while somebody put an important building in a pic, creativity is something you have. I give you 7.

MOOSELUVER8: Are you serious? UGH did you even try putting your penguin in so there wasnt a huge white block around it? I mean REALLY…same pic as Fotis01 lol but at least he tried for somthing else, like humor! its sloppy editing, and not original in the theme at all… …only because i know its in sydney…2

DUDE1t: You need to work on your editing. Plus, It’s
mainly just a picture a “cut-out” penguin pasted to
the bridge. 3 points for effort and staying on topic.

FYLLIPER: Viren, you used to make great headers.  Now you make bad edits.  Seriously, you could’ve at least TREID to make th epicture transparent and put something else in there like Fotis.  All I see is a penguin slash white blob thing on the Sydney Opera House/ Harbour Bridge half flying half sitting wearing a wizard hat and clothes that do not look at all Australian.  1.

KAUTR: Don’t despair, you still got 19 points!  Next up is Harryhills12!


GUUSE: I have no words.  This is clearly ugly no offense, 1. it’s clearly edited, 2. looks very ugly, 3. doesn’t look realistic and I give it 1 out of 10.


Yet again the SAME picture as viren and fotis, not a very good copy.paste, you could’ve said something other than ‘What a great view!’ but nice try though! 3.
NALYD RENRUT: Harryhills12, I have never heard of you either. Nice to see some new faces! Not your face. The Club Penguin add-on was sloppy, but the Opera House was nice. Neat, no. Creative, yes. Theme, completely. I give you 7.

MOOSELUVER8: Ummm maybe a bit better editing than viren123 but still pretty sucky…and same picture too! Its this the first pic that comes up when someone types in “sydney” in google images and you guys are all lazy? uuuughghhghghghhhgurle at least ur saying something and i can tell you tryed (but failed) to blend in with the backround…not very creative……its pretty sloppy, but…3

DUDE1t: The editing is horrible and everything
else about this picture is mediocre. 5 points.

FYLLIPER: I am truly speechless about this one.  I hope this night doesn’t get ANY worst.  Nice outfit.  Nice igloo carpet too.  Nice background.  BAD EDITING.  ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE.  But you tried to say something and blend it in BUT FAILED.  TERRIBLE!!! Okay I’m done.  I want to see you next week so you can learnt to edit properly.  1.

KAUTR: Good job, Harryhills12, you scored 20!  Next up is Ritetub!


GUUSE: Whoa! That is SO good!  See what I mean Harryhills?  I give that 9!

RATTYBOR: Well I cant really see your penguin’s text that well….  Heres something good, The Harboiur bridge…. Clothes not very austrailian like either and your penguins a little bit blurry. 4.

NALYD RENRUT: Ritetub, right to  business. You can’t believe you climbed the Harbor Bridge? I can’t believe Fylliper let you in! Neat editing, you’re lucky I can read it. It is a harbor…. so you got theme. And creativity, it takes guts to do an important place in a country that isn’t in every movie abut it. I give you 8 (I don’t feel so good right now) but it sickens me to give such a high score.

MOOSELUVER8: Its too small! I can barely read the type on my computer! I can tell it says “i cant believe i climbed the :: bridge” i cant tell what it says before bridge, though! Its okay editing, but maybe thats just because i cant see the outline of your penguin clearly enough…and i dont know sydney well, so i dont know if thats an actual landmark of sydney…5

DUDE1t: Great! Something other than the Opera
house. Plus the editing is superb! 9 points.

FYLLIPER: Ritetub!  Myfellow Australian.  First of all, it is a bit small, so you oculd make the text a bit bigger or clearer.  Congrats on climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and GREAT EDIT!!!  But I cannot read it at all an dti’s too small to look into it in detail, so I give it a 6.

KAUTR: Great job, Ritetub, you scored 41!  Great job!  Next up is Miss Zoe3000!


GUUSE:  Good job!  Great editing and nice picture!  8!


Pretty good…i like the t-shirt…opera house is good, plane is a bit messy but you tried pretty well…6

NALYD RENRUT: Miss Zoe3000, have we met? Anyway, nice picture. (I can’t be mean when they have good pictures! 😦 Is this the end of Evil Nalyd a.k.a. Simon-penguin??) It is neat, creative, and it was in the theme. I give you……. I CAN’T DO IT!!!!! *runs off stage crying, but comes back with a bowl of ice cream* 10. I give you 10.

MOOSELUVER8: Its okay editing around the penguin, but i can see blue from where you cut it out of the player card, and you could have put a little more effort in where it says “aussie” on your shirt – its half off the bottom of your shirt!  I can tell its sydney cuz of the opera house; and at least its a different pic of it lol…and whats with that random, badly drawn plane advertizing sunscreen? Whats that got to do with anything?? 5

DUDE1t: Good editing (but not perfect). Good
picture overall! 8 points.

FYLLIPER: Well let’s just say you’ve come a long way since Season Four!  Great job but the plane is a bit messy.  Very original with the T-Shirt! 8!

KAUTR: Great job, yo uscored 47 points which is phenominal!  Our last contestant for the night is Shakan97!


GUUSE: That’s nearly a perfect edit worth 9 points!!!


Wow! This is the best picture ive seen this evening!!!!! Great editing,Nice background picture,Writeing a little bad in createivity though,but  I’ll say an 8!
NALYD RENRUT: Shakakn97, I hope I can tear you apart and give you a score lower than 3. 😐 How did you guys get this good????  I guess Fylliper wasn’t pulling from the bottom of the barrel. Neat, somewhat, you have the circle thing below you. You got the theme.Very creative, considering last season. I give you…. I AM OUT OF ICE CREAM! *runs off stage crying even more but comes back with caffeine!* I give you 8.

MOOSELUVER8: WOO! Award for best editing this week!!!!!! This was, no doubt, the best editing this round! You are going to go far in thes competition, shaken, i can feel it! Okay! Well, its pretty neat, only the tiniest bit of white around your penguin…i can tell its sydney, but not a very creative landmark- at least its not that night pic again lol…(why doesnt anyone to the Great Barrier Reef?!) ok great job…8

DUDE1t: Great editing and thanks for the greeting!
Work on your spelling though! To perfect the editing,
work on leaving none of the white in the picture. =) 9

FYLLIPER: Mooseluver8, the Great Barrier Reef is actually in Brisbane 🙂 Back to Shakan.  Great editing only a bit of white stuff.  You also spelt “too” wrong, you put an extra ‘o’.  But great job, 9 points!

KAUTR: Fantastic!  51 points!  Excellent!!!

GUUSE: Well that’s all the pictures in and judged and we have the results. 

FYLLIPER: I am going to divide you into two groups. 

Group One is Viren 123, Fotis01 and Shakan97.  Group Two is Harryhills12, Ritetub and Miss Zoe3000.

GUUSE: One of the two groups is the top three and the other is the bottom three.  Remember we have included the voting.  Group One is SAFE!

FYLLIPER: Which means that one of Ritetub, Harryhills12 and Miss Zoe3000 is going home tonight.  Ritetub is safe!!!

GUUSE: One of Miss Zoe3000 and Harryhills12 is going home.  Next week we will be going to Toronto, Canada!  The penguin eliminated is…



Opening Night Live At Fylliper’s Igloo! =P January 5, 2008

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FYLLIPER: Hello all, welcome to the first episode of Season Six of the FCPS Awards!  I’m pumped for this season!

GUUSE:  It’s me Guuse!  I’m pumped too, as always!  Tonight we missed our flight because Fylliper was too busy…EATING DONUTS!

FYLLIPER: What?  They are tasty!

GUUSE: So we have to film in Fylliper’s igloo.  Let me tell you that Blob [Fyll’s puffle] is getting annoying.  He’s painting me pink.


GUUSE: And that is not a joke!  Well tonight we are introducing our contestants!  Let’s introduce this season’s mega judging panel!

GUUSE:  Our judges are…Dude1t, Bigmonkey123, Mooseluver8, Nalydpenguin, Rattybor and last of all Fylliper!  Wow that’s 6 judges and that means 60 points up for grabs!


FYLLIPER: I haven’t organised the schedule yet, but expect to see it up soon.  All I know for sure is that next week we will be going to Sydney, Australia and our contestants will be judged just like last season.

GUUSE: However, we have decided that this season we will be going around the world, but next season we won’t be going around the world. 


FYLLIPER: Also, next season you won’t be able to sign up.  We’ll explain all of this at a later stage.  Well let’s introduce Season Six’s contestants!

GUUSE: Our first contestant was a contestant back in Season Four and she vowed to make a comeback!  How will she go this time?  Please welcome Miss Zoe3000!


FYLLIPER: Contestant Number Two once owned a site which made headers, and beautiful headers they were.  He lives in India and is proud to be entering his first ever contest!  It’s Viren123!


GUUSE: Now to Contestant 3 for Season Six. He was the runner-up in Season Three and is back to win it!  Give it up for Shakan97, formerlly Superhakan!


FYLLIPER: Our fourth contestant was ecstatic to enter this season and says he will try his best, even though he may not be the best editor.  Welcome to Harryhills12!


FYLLIPER: We receieved eight entries this season, but Justingarett’s one was not valid and neither was Hixc’s one.  So we could only choose six for this season.

GUUSE: Our fifth contestant was a contestant in Season Five and is eager to give it another shot!  Good luck to Fotis01!


FYLLIPER: Our final contestant for this season is a great editor and wants to see how good he really is.  You’re right, it’s Ritetub!


GUUSE: So there’s our six contestants!  Miss Zoe3000, Viren123, Shakan97, Harryhills12, Fotis01 and Ritetub!  Remember to vote for your contestnats on the Vote Page.  It will be done differently this season – you will vote via a poll not a comment but will still be able to vote as much as you like. 

FYLLIPER: Vote, vote vote and see you next Saturday for our first Elimination!



Sign Up for Season Six! December 30, 2007

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Fylliper here!

First let me apologize for not posting this until now.  I’ve been very busy, sorry about that.

Second, let me congratulate Rattybor, the winner of Season Five!

Last season many people forgot to sign up, but now I am going to explain to you how to sign up so you have  a chance to get into the competetion.

You will need to send an e-mail to me at the_green_yoshi@hotmail.com on Thursday 3rd January 2008, at the latest.  The email will need to contain the following things:

1. Your Penguin Name

2. Your Gender [boy/girl]

3. Your Penguin Age, in days

4. Your blog URL [if you have more than one, provide only one] [you MUST have a blog]

5. Your Blog Stats/Hits  [your blog must have the Hits Counter Widget displayed]

6. A picture of your penguin with your player card open [save as PNG or JPG, saved as eithe an attachment or a link from Imageshack or Photobucket]

7. A picture of your penguin in Sydney, Australia [this picture will be judged on Elimination 1, so make it good.  It must be obvious that it is Sydney, Australia.  For good examples, browse through the FCPS awards archives from Season Four and Five to see quality pictures.  Your picture must be saved as PNG or JPG and be either an attachemnt or a link from Imageshack or Photobucket]

8. Some information about yourself [no more than 100 words.  Make sure you punctuate/spell correctly because I will be looking out for that as well.  Some basic background info about your penguin and why you want to enter would be good enough, I suppose]

Please have that all sent into me at the_green_yoshi@hotmail.com by Thursday, January 3rd 2008!  Make sure the “Subject” line of the e-mail reads: FCPS Awards Season Six Registration.

It MUST be e-mailed to me, not as a comment!  Make sure the e-mail address you use is valid.  When I receive your registration, I will email you back.  I will also do that if there are any problems.  You will also need to be very dedicated and check your email just about every day.

Here is an example of a registration form: [click to enlarge] [BTW it’s fake, I know you can do better and not rush it]


Here are two examples of pictures Penguina could have attached:



By the way, those were rushed pictures, you can do better!

Any questions, feel free to ask and register, register, register!  8 contestants will be picked this time so register early to avoid forgetting!

>>FYLL =]

Season Five Grande Finale: Live from California, USA! December 21, 2007

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KAUTR: The night has finally come!  Lets start the show!




GUUSE: Howdy Partners!  I’m Guuse and your watching the Grande Fianle of the FCPS Awards Season Five in California, USA!


FYLLIPER: Which of our two contestants will be crowned the winner?  Sir Wurmple or Rattybor?  Please welcome your finalists to the stage!



GUUSE: Please welcome our panel of judges!  Dude1t, Nalydpenguin, Mooseluver8, Bigmonkey123 and Fylliper!


FYLLIPER: It’s a big night and the contestants have been through alot.  PReviously in the week, we interviewed our finalists – Rattybor and Sir Wurmple.  Here is what Rattybor said!

Q. How was the season?
A.I think it went pretty well! It was fun even though it cepmt pretty short…
Q. What were the highlights?
A. Well I was pretty surprised I got back in and that lakera got eliminated. Those were mainly all the highlights
Q. What was your favourite destination?
A.Proberbly the amazon rainforest.
Q. Who was your favourite judge?  Why?
A.  Well I dont really have a favourite….they all are pretty much in the same spot on my list 🙂 
Q. Who did you think would win in the start and why?
A.  I thought that maybe Lakera or Zaakhy wud win.
Q. What have you learnt from this?
A. That im not the best editor in the world lol
Q. Have you had FUN?
A. Fun? OF COURSE!!!! YES!!!!!!! FUUNN!!!
Q. Who do you think will win now, and why?
A. Well thats a tough one…. im really not that shure….It could be either of us!
Q. If you come runner-up, will you join Season Six? 
A.Yep Proberbly if I want 2.
Q. Will you recommend joining the FCPS Awards to anyone else and why or why not?
A. Well maybe to a coulpe of friends since its been fun!
GUUSE: We’ll be interviewing Sir Wurmple leter in the night.  Tonight contestants had to send in two pictures to be judged – one picture for “Christmas in California” and Another picture for “Christmas in your favourite place to travel”.  You may remember that earlier in the season we announced that Rattybor loved to travel to Hawaii and Sir Wurmple loved to travel to San Francisco; well we sent them there!
FYLLIPER: So lets get the judging underway!  First up we will be looking at Sir Wurmple’s picture spreading the Christmas spirit in California!
DUDE1t: I didn’t get the joke.
Plus, some of the penguins look like they are in a fun
house’s mirror room. 4 points.
NALYDPENGUIN: Sir Wurmple, congrats on making it this far. I know the feeling.
No Christmas at all. Good California. I will give you a 5. Good luck. :p

MOOSELUVER8:  Nice editing! This is some of what I’m lookng for! Nice editing, but the “wow a lot of o’s is a little lame”. Great job! 8

BIGMONKEY123: Woah! Talk about an invasion of Sir Wurmples. Its cool how you fit yourself perfectly into any of the letters, and how you wrote on the bottom as if you were a newscaster. Also, (You know Im Picky about Backrounds being of topic) If you had a White backround it blended right in with the sign! AMAZING! But “Wow there are alot of o’s” Kinda threw me off there. You should have thought of something more creative to say. Still I give you a 9!
FYLLIPER: Sir Wurmple, congratulations on coming so far in the competetion, even though your pictures don’t seem to show that you are in the final.  Let’s start off good.  Your in California.  Easy to read.  Bad parts now?  Okay then!  Your penguins look weird.  Bad joke.  Bad clothing.  Bad editing on the L’s.  Get rid of the blue circles around your penguin. That’s half the story.  Now, tell me, what exactly does that have to do with Christmas???  Zero Christmas in that.  Terrible editing.  Once again a bad score for you – 1.
GUUSE: Don’t worry, Sir Wurmple, you scored 27 points! 
GUUSE: Now lets see what happened when we sent Rattybor to Hawaii!
DUDE1t: The joke was mediocre, but good
editing! 7 points!
NALYDPENGUIN: Rattybor, I wanted to do a Hawaii picture so bad last season, but pictures were “canceled.” Feel lucky you got to do such a fun and easy picture. HOW DO YOU MESS UP HAWAII??? NO HULA DANCERS! NO LEIS! HOODIES AND SCARVES!!!! GUESS WHAT YOU GET? 3 FOR NOT BAD EDITING!!!!!!!!

MOOSELUVER8: Hmmm, could be any beach, but its pretty good editing. Your word choice is a little confusing, it took me a sec to figure out what you were really saying. 7.

BIGMONKEY123: Heres probably what you did. Google Images, typed in Beach, found one with a sunset, pasted you penguin on and added words. That was really efortless. Its also to dark and what you saying is cheesy and bad grammer. Im at my meanest tonight. I’ll give you a 2 for effort.

FYLLIPER: Hey Rattybor!  Congrats on making it to the Grande Finale!  First off, in reply to what Bigmonkey123 said, it’s dark because it’s a sunset.  Duh!  As usual, I’ll start off good.  You got the Christmas thing going okay there.  A nice beach and palm trees.  Great editing – nice and clean.  But, the bad part?  Your clothes?  Your on a BEACH and it’s Christmas and your wearing a SCARF and a HOODIE???  It’s BOILING HOT there!  Wear a grass skirt with a lei and santa hat at least!  Your joke didn’t make me laugh…not what I’d want for a finale, so that’s 3.

GUUSE: Rattybor, great job, you scored 22 points! 


FYLLIPER: Let’s look at Sir Wurmple’s interview.

Q. How was the Season?

A. great, i got lcuky

Q. What were the highlights?

A. the judges and the boradcast version

Q. What was your favourite destination?

A. california! woot!

Q. Who was your favourite judge?  Why?

A. dude1t he was very honest with me and still gave good scores. lol

Q. Who did you think would win in the start and why?

A. i think fotis would win because he makes good edits and has a lot of blog viewers

Q. What have you learnt from this?

A.  yes! all about the habitats of the places.

Q. Have you had FUN?

A. yes!

Q. Who do you think will win now, and why?

A. no comment, it might be close, but i dont know who

Q. If you come runner-up, will you join Season Six? 

A. probably

Q. Will you recommend joining the FCPS Awards to anyone else and why or why not?

A. yes because i think they will enjoy it just like I did and haves tons of fun!

GUUSE: We’ve been tight-lipped about the prizes this season, haven’t we?  The winner receievs a magnificent prize, but the other contestants and runner-up receive absolutely nothing!

FYLLIPER: The winner gets a job asa judge on the FCPS Awards and a Coin Prize of 5,555 coins to commemorate 5 Seasons!


GUUSE: It’s been a long season, let’s recap on the season.

FYLLIPER: We announced the contestants in Antarctica!  The next week we moved to Melbourne and Rattybor was eliminated.

GUUSE: We moved on our tour of the world to Russia, and Manjensen was eliminated.

FYLLIPER: The next week in Rome we had no choice but to disqualify Lakera for not sending in her picture. 

GUUSE: Fotis01 was eliminated on the next part of our journey in Cairo, Egypt, and as part of the Twist of Fate, Rattybor was brought back into the competetion.

FYLLIPER: The Semi-Finals were held in the Amazon Rainforest, and Zaakhy was sent home so close to the finals.

GUUSE: Now let’s resume looking at the pictures.  What will Sir Wurmple show us in San Francisco?


DUDE1t: Funny! Work on the editing
though! Nice Pic of the Golden Gate Bridge too! 8

NALYDPENGUIN: Sir Wurmple! More California, might as well be one picture since you hate Christmas. ……. 😐 HOW DO YOU DO SUCH TERRIBLE PICTURES ON THE BIGGEST NIGHT OF THIS COMPETITION?????? TERRIBLE EDITING!!!!! MAKES NO SENSE!!! I AM SO MAD! – 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MOOSELUVER8: Cruddy editing in the water…what happened? You had a good CA one! Its a good idea though, i guess, though not very creative…6.

BIGMONKEY123: LIke how words overlap the bridge. But im not as impressed as I was with the other. Backround was white while you were in water, and It would have made more since if you put yourself in the middle of falling. Just like rattybor, 2 for effort…wait no 3 beacause I acctually liked something on there.

FYLLIPER: Sir Wurmple, I’ll start off with the good stuff.  You got San Francisco and the text at the top is big.  That’s all thats good.  The rest is bad.  Terrible edit.  Your saying Ahhhhh when you hit the water…?  And there is NO Christmas in there whatsoever.  AND your jumping off a bridge wearing a Green Baseball Cap, a Blue Coat, Sunglasses and Woolly Socks!  Throughout this season, you have never really impressed me.  You were good at the start but after Russia, you’ve been terrible.  That’s 1 from me.

GUUSE: Don’t fear, Sir Wurmple, you scored 20, which isn’t too bad!


GUUSE: Now for the final picture of the season brought to us by Rattybor in California!


DUDE1t: Like I said about your last
picture, the editing is good, but the joke is okay. 7

NALYDPENGUIN: Rattybor, congrats to you as well. Nice! you got it all! Christmas and California! I want to find something bad, other than editing, but i can’t 😦 I gotta give you 9. (I hate giving 10 – it is my worst fear.)

MOOSELUVER8: Better editing than Sir Wurumple’s San Fran, but that busy intersection could be anywhere. 7.

BIGMONKEY123: Still what you did last time, but the words and you dont make me happy here. Its the Backround. I LOVe the Backround! Better than the other one. 6! I was rlly being nice on this one…I got mii eyes on you little one…

FYLLIPER:  So…let’s start good!  Got background, neat text and easy to read, good outfit.  The thing I love most about that picture is that there is something Christmassy about it!  Hooray!  Your editing may be just a tiny bit messy, but the picture quality made up for it.  That’s the bad part about the picture.  Great job, you scored 8 from me!

GUUSE: Rattybor, the judges gave you 37 points – one of the highest totals this season!


FYLLIPER: We are still adding together the judging scores and the votes.  The judges would like to say something.  What’s that, Mooseluver8?  Oh, okay.  Mooseluver8 needs to head backstage.

DUDE1t: This has been a great year and I have had a lot of fun
judging all of the contestants’ pictures.
Congratulations to whoever wins tonight! I look forward to next season’s contest!

NALYDPENGUIN: I was absolutely honored to be a judge. I was absolutely disgusted when i found out how pathetic the entrants were! We had bad nights…. and that was mostly it.i wish I was a judge for a better group. Thank you for hiring me Fylliper (and not sending me to a foreign country!) Well good luck everyone. (This final elimination night is my last cp party, so let’s hope that it turns out better than this season finale!) Keep it cool!

BIGMONKEY123: Overall this has been a Great Season. Many people have come and go but I think we have lowered ourselves down to the BEST of the BEST. This is Season 5 so you know how we roll here at the FCPS. So itzz just you two now.And its battle of the Sexes. Is this the first time? I dont think so. But they both deserve to win. But truly based on tonight, I think Sir Wurmple will win.

FYLLIPER:  Well it’s been a great season, and I want to congratulate all the contestants for what they have acheived and I wish them the best of luck in the future and I hope they learn how to edit well.  Whoever wins tonight deserves to win.  I am looking forward to Season Six as the FCPS Awards travel around the world once again!  I hope that next season there are better editors :mrgreen:


GUUSE: Now for the moment you have all been waiting for.  We are going to crown the winner of the FCPS Awards Season Five.  The Winner receieved 16.6 votes this week and the runner-up got 12.2, so it was close!  Don’t forget to check out the Results page which will have all the voting results week by week!  If you want to sign up for Season Six, wait until December 27th when we release the signing up information.

FYLLIPER: Can the contestants please come here.  Now we will announce the winner of the FCPS Awards, Season Five.  Can our Special Guest please come out to the stage to read out the winner!


GUUSE: Over to you, Moose.

MOOSELUVER8: The winner of the FCPS Awards, Season Five, is…




Semi-Final: Live from the Amazon Rainforest! December 16, 2007

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KAUTR: Finally, the power is connected.  Let’s start live!




FYLLIPER: Good day everyone!  It’s your host, Fylliper, in the Amazon Rainforest!  It’s the semi-final of the FCPS Awards Season 5!

GUUSE: And it’s me Guuse!  We apologise for the delay in this episode from airing because we are in the middle of the jungle – where can we get our electricity from???


FYLLIPER: Two penguins will be going to our Grand Final in California, USA, next week.  The other will be sent home.  Let’s welcome our top three contestants!

GUUSE: Welcome to Sir Wurmple, Zaakhy and Rattybor!



GUUSE: Please welcome our judges!  Dude1t, Nalydpenguin, Mooseluver8, Bigmonkey123 and Fylliper!


FYLLIPER: This week contestants werer asked to take a picture of them doing something to do with Christmas in the Amazon Rainforest. 

GUUSE: Can the contestants please come here.  Let’s determine the order of pictures.  I have three coconuts, each with a number on it.  If you get the cocnut with the number 1, you go first.  With 2, second and with 3, third.


FYLLIPER: Who has the coconut with 1?


GUUSE: Number 2?


FYLLIPER: Sir Wurmple, what do you have?


GUUSE: So the order is Zaakhy, Rattybor and then Sir Wurmple.  So let’s see Zaakhy’s picture!


DUDE1t: Cool concept and background, but I don’t see a
present. I couldn’t tell if he was just swinging
through the trees trying to excite the monkeys or if
he was actually handing out presents. 8 points!

NALYDPENGUIN: Zaahky, Nice! Funny line, amazon, Santa hat, perfect. the editing was bad, but the vine helped. You have just swung into a 9.

MOOSELUVER8: You should try to get rid of the blue circle/shadow under you, do a better cut and paste, and make a more realistic vine, but otherwise you caputured both the themes very well! 8


Bigmonkey123: Well, you got the Amazon Rainfores thing down, and its Christmas Obviously. But What the Crap are you standing on? A Palm Frawn? (Dont know how to Spell Fwran LOL) and it would be nice if a Monkey was ACCTUALLY There. 6

FYLLIPER: Zaakhy!  So, Santa Claus is handing out presents?  Well, to tell you the truth, I never knew he could fly, and I’m sure he isn’t THAT crazy to jump off a tree.  That vine is ugly and hard to see and it looks like you are standing on it.  And your editing?  A bit sloppy around the head area of the penguin.  No presents either, and no monkeys.  But you have captured the Amazon Rainforest and River very well, as the river is in fact brown.  The other judges are seeming to get nicer, but I think I’m getting a bit harsher.  3.

GUUSE: Zaakhy, you did great, scoring 34!  Good job!


GUUSE: What will Rattybor show us?


DUDE1t: 😆 That flamingo looks like he’s in pain
while singing carols! Funny! 9 points!

NALYDPENGUIN: Rattybor, good but not jungle enough. you got Christmas good, and that saved you. For Christmas, I am giving you, a 7.

MOOSELUVER8: The way you put the panguin and the speech bubbles in, I read what the flamingo was saying first, and got confused. But it was kinda (sorta) funny.  Good penguin editing but bad speech bubble editing.  Good santa hat but bad other clothes…

Ummm….   …6

BIGMONKEY123: Ok I Have to Admit…THAT WAS TERRIBLE! Im Just Kidding. Im Acctually very impressed! I Love it all. Your at 10 right now. But you misspelled Sing, so your at Nine. Do Flamingos Live in the Rainforest? Your Final Score is 8.

FYLLIPER: Let’s start good. You got the rainforest.  And you got some Christmas.  But like Moose said, I read what the flamingo said first, so place your speech bubbles wisely.  Your penguin has been cropped well.  But the speech bubbles are absolutely terrible.  And you spelled sing wrong as well.  And what is with those clothes??? Santa Hat, good.  Hawaiian Lei?  We are NOT in Hawaii, we are in South America!!!  Yellow Flip Flops?  Pink Duffle Coat???  NOT Christmassy!  I want Christmas!  Wear an Elf suit or something!  Your a member so you should be wearing decent clothes!  I hope the night doesn’t get worst.  But since you tried to put in a joke, I’ll give you 2.  [The other judges are too nice]

GUUSE: Rattybor, you scored 32!  Not too bad, just 2 points off Zaakhy!


GUUSE: Last but not least, Sir Wurmple!


DUDE1t: Hi santa! Since when did he have a black
mustache? Nothing special or funny to me though. 8

NALYDPENGUIN: Sir Wurmple, ok picture. Santa theme, and jungle. I give you 8, because of bad editing.

MOOSELUVER8: OH MY GOSH! THAT IS HORRIBLE!!!! Im sorry but i cant read the bottom words and the penguin is blurry, is wearing weerd glasses/ nose thing, and I cant even tell who is saying the thing at the bottom! EW! sorry, but 3.

BIGMONKEY123: Blury. Whos saying its Santa. PLease add White in the Backround of the Speech Bubble. I can give you a score but its a low one. You picked a bad time to Mess up Wurmple. Sorry but you get a 3.

FYLLIPER: Sir Wurmple…ummmm…Where can I start? Good bits first.  Santa Hat.  Good. Amazon river.  Good.  I notcied something.  All three of your backgrounds, speaking to all contestnats, are the first 15 images from google for the search term “Amazon Rainforest”…hmmmm…Well your text is ok at the top but terrible at the bottom.  I cannot read it whatsoever.  And why isn’t Santa wearing Santa clothes???  Why is he wearing ugly masks and suits???  Last week I gave you 1, this week I give you 1.  No improvement.  You do not deserve to be on this show and I hope nobody voted for you.  1 point from me!

GUUSE: Harsh, eh?  That’s 25 points total.  Now let’s find out who is eliminated.

FYLLIPER: Sir Wurmple.  Rattybor.  Zaakhy.  One of you is elimianted and the other two move on to the final.  Sir Wurmple, you scored badly with the judges, will you make it through?  Rattybor, you scored well with the judges.  But did anyone vote for you? 

GUUSE: Rattybor, you are in the bottom two.  Zaakhy, top scorer tonight, well done!  Either oyu or Sir Wurmple is in the bottom two and the other moves to the final.  Sir Wurmple is safe!


FYLLIPER: Zaakhy.  Rattybor.  Who is eliminated?  I will read out the name of the person that will be going to the final, okay?  Joining Sir Wurmple in the Grande Finale and having a shot at 1st place, is…


The Twist of Fate: Live from Cairo, Egypt! December 8, 2007

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KAUTR: Last time I said I wanted a warmer place, but this place is TOO warm!  Let’s start already so I can have my iced lemonade!




GUUSE: Hi everyone!  It’s me Guuse and you are watching the FCPS Awards Season Five Twist of Fate!  We explained everything last week so look for that post from last week for details.

FYLLIPER: It’s my Fylliper!  We are live from Cairo, Egypt!  One of our Top Three will be elimiated and one of our already eliminated contestants will be brought back into the show!

GUUSE: We made a mistake with Zaakhy earlier this week, so he will avoid elimination this week andwill not need to go through judging.  Lakera was disqualified so she is not eligible to be in the Twist of Fate.

FYLLIPER: So one of these two contestants will be eliminated!  Welcome Sir Wurmple and Fotis01!


GUUSE: Manjensen and Rattybor are back to fight for a place in the Top Three!  Wahoo!


FYLLIPER: Please welcome tonights judging team!    The judging panel tonight is Dude1t, Nalydpenguin, Mooseluver8, Bigmonkey123 and myself [Fylliper]!  We will be judging for the theme Christmas in Cairo, Egypt!


GUUSE: So let’s get the night started!  We will beging with a contestant who has already been eliminated, and was the first to be eliminated this season!  Rattybor!


DUDE1t:I can’t tell if that is Egypt or not! Plus,
where is the christmas theme in the picture?  4 points
for effort.

NALYDPENGUIN: Rattybor, where is Egypt? I see an airport! You can have a 1. (Why are you wearing a hoodie in Egypt?)

MOOSELUVER8: The editing is pretty good, but the theme is Christmas in Cairo.  There’s no Christmas theme, and that airport could be anywhere, so I’m giving you a 6.

BIGMONKEY123: Rattybor, the theme was Christmas in Cario Egypt. I dont think you got the Chritmas thing down, beacause I see nothing Christmas…y and yeah, it takes a long fight to egypt, but are we sure your in egypt? But It wqas kinda Funny. I can only give you a 2.

FYLLIPER: Rattybor!  That airport could be anywhere.  When we see thaqt picture there is nothing that makes us think “Christmas” OR “Egypt”, so I think you missed the whole entire plot.  I hope your friends voted for you, because that is 1 from me.  And Egypt is hot…no hoodie!!!

KAUTR: Well I think I’ll host for now!  Good job Rattybor!  You scored 14 points.  Not too bad, I guess.


KAUTR: Next up is one of our current top three, fighting for survival!  It’s Fotis01!


DUDE1t: Great picture! Just work on getting a better
joke next time. 8 points!

NALYDPENGUIN:  Fotis01, Oh my gosh! You understood the purpose! I would have liked to see Santa have a red suit, but still good. 8.

MOOSELUVER8: You got the Cairo theme, and you got the Christmas theme pretty well, but what you are saying is kinda lame.  Mummy is not a place, and it can’t replace town! It would have worked better if you had said “is coming to Cairo” or something. 8.

BIGMONKEY123: Totally better than Rattybors. Theres Egypt, but theres no visual Chritsmas. Luckily to save you, you were waering a christmas hat and was tlaking about christmas. You saved yourself there Fotis! 10!

FYLLIPER: Well I hate to spoil your party, but your “joke” didn’t really make me smile, and normally I can’t not laugh.  But excellent cropping and contrast with the writing and your speech bubble is very neat.  But you  are wearing a hoodie.  You could’ve tried a red turtle neck sweater of something, but even then, it is very hot in Egypt.  So I give you 7.

KAUTR: Great job Fotis01, you scored 41 points which is phenominal!


KAUTR: Will our other penguin in the top three give a great picture?  Sir Wurmple is up!


DUDE1t: You need to work on your editing with the
penguin and adding the christmas theme in the picture!
5 points.

NALYDPENGUIN: Sir Wurmple, It looks like a dusty Tajmah Hall. Terrible editing. I give you 2.

MOOSELUVER8: Ugh.  Weird cut-and-paste, no christmas theme, you are floating, and I can’t tell if that is really Cairo. Sorry,  but you need to spend a little more time making you pics! Sorry. 4.

BIGMONKEY123: Ok, Yeah your in egypt, but thats only half of the score there. Ur at 5, but your not talking…4 and your penguins to small and the sun looks awful. 3 is my final score.

FYLLIPER: Where should I start?  Doesn’t look like Egypt.  I searched for Egypt on Google and that picture was the first image I found, which shows you are lazy.  Your penguin is cropped TERRIBLY, even Manjensen is better.  And the sun…ugh!  Right now I do wish you were eliminated last week and not Lakera because your picture deserves a score of zero, but the lowest I can give you is one.  At least Lakera would actually spend more than 10 seconds on her picture, and you only spent 0.00000000000000001 seconds. AND no Christmas!!! 1!!! [I would give you 0 but I’m not allowed to]

KAUTR: We are going from extremes of scores!  Not too bad Sir Wurmple, although are two nasty judges had somethi ng bad to say!  You scored 15. 


KAUTR: Our final picture  for the night is brought to us by the already eliminated contestant trying to get back in – It’s Manjensen!


DUDE1t: You need to add in the Christmas theme in
the picture. Nice editing though. 6 points.

NALYDPENGUIN: Oh joy, it’s Manjensen. Pretty Good. You missed the Christmas theme, so I give you 6.

MOOSELUVER8: Great editing for the penguin in the scene, but the speech bubble and what you’re saying is also kinda lame.  It also doesn’t have Chrismas in it. 7.

BIGMONKEY123: I get it, I like it, Nuff said. But sadly there s no christmas. But the scrapbook, it could be for a holiday. Whatever 8.

FYLLIPER: First off, I can’t read your writing well without straining my eyes.  Maybe choose a different colour font or clearer font – try white, perhaps? Your speech bubble is a bit dodgy, and there is no Christmas things except the red writing, which happens to be a Christmas colour!  But you are the only one dressed for the deserty conditions in Cairo, Egypt.  So that’s good.  And that is clearly Egypt!  And your penguin is put in that picture perfectly!  Congratulations, Manjensen! You and Fotis01 are the only two that deserve to remain in the competetion, and I hope you come back because you are great at editing and have improved so much!  But there was no Christmas theme, etc, so I score you 8!

KAUTR:  A sudden nice comment from Fylliper?  You scored 35 points, Manjensen, great job!


FYLLIPER: We are counting up the votes, come back after this ad break to see who is eliminated and who is brought back!


GUUSE: We are back!  Who will be elimianted – Sir Wurmple or Fotis01?  Who will re-join the competetion – Manjensen or Rattybor?  We have the answers in these 837 envelopes!

FYLLIPER: Let’s start with who is brought back!  Rattybor failed with the judges but Manjensen did well.  But what did the voters think?  Did they put Rattybor back into the contest, who was eliminated in Week One?  Last season, DirkD was brought back and he was eliminated in the first week as well!  Or is Manjensen back in, which will make Fylliper happy…hmmm…

GUUSE: Rattybor.  Manjensen.  One of you will be rejoining the contest in the Top Three and the other will stay eliminated.  Rejoining the FCPS Awards Season five…is…


FYLLIPER: Congratulations, Rattybor!  But who is eliminated out of Sir Wurmple and Fotis01?

GUUSE: Sir Wurmple.  The judges hated you.  Fotis01, the judges loved you.  What about the voters?  Did they agree?  Leaving the FCPS Awards Season Five…is…


We would like to apologise! URGENT! =] December 1, 2007

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Hi guys it’s Fylliper!

We would like to apologise to Zaakhy and Manjensen in regards to yesterday’s show.  We said that Zaakhy had been eliminated last week but it wasa in fact Manjensen which means that Zaakhy will be continuing in the competetion.

To show how sorry we are, Zaakhy will not be eliminated this week, which means either Fotis01 or Sir Wurmple will be eliminated and either Rattybor or Manjensen will be brought back.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Next week will be in Cairo, Egypt.  And you can vote for both of the two groups [Fotis and Sir Wurmple & Ratty and MJensen]

I hope this clears up and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

>>FYLL =]

Elimination #3: Live from Rome, Italy *corrections regarding to Zaakhy and Manjensen* November 30, 2007

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KAUTR: Can we please go somewhere warm next week?  Start the show!




FYLLIPER: Hi there! Ciao!  I’m Fylliper andyou’re watching Season Five of the FCPS Awards Elimination Number 3!

GUUSE: It’s me Guuse!  We are in the mighty cityof Rome, Italy!

FYLLIPER: Hello judges and hello contestants!  Breaking news now.

GUUSE: This week only Fotis01 and Zaakhy sent in their pictures.

FYLLIPER: Which means that Lakera and Sir Wurmple didn’t.

GUUSE: Which means an automatic disqualification!

FYLLIPER: So there’s are show!  We now have our top two – What???

GUUSE: What’s wrong Fylliper?

FYLLIPER: That means that next week is the grand final!  It’s not meant to be next week!

GUUSE: Ohno!  I guess that means no disqualification then!

FYLLIPER: But if there’s no disqualification, it’s not fair for Fotis01 and Zaakhy because they actually sent in pictures!

GUUSE: Okay then.

FYLLIPER: Zaakhy!  Fotis01!  Both of you are moving to the next round!

GUUSE: So we can only eliminate one of them, correct?

FYLLIPER: Yes.  Next week is our Twist of Fate which means one of our Top three will be eliminated and one of the people already eliminated will be brought in according to the judging and voting scores!

GUUSE: But to have a top three we have to eliminate exactly one person.

FYLLIPER: Sir Wurmple.  Lakera.  One of you will be eliminated.  But why didn’t you send in your pictures?

LAKERA: My heating turned off.

GUUSE: Your heating turned off?

FYLLIPER: Wow so your heating affects your computer, eh?

GUUSE: What about you Sir Wurmple?

SIR WURMPLE: Here’s my picture!

GUUSE: So now you have your picture?  It was meant to be in by Monday!!! How can we upload it to our server when we only have it now?!?

FYLLIPER: Okay.  We have counted the votes, but now all the judges are going to cast a special vote.  They get to vote on who they want to go!  By the way, tonight’s judging panel is Dude1t!  Yes he’s back!  Mooseluver8!  Nalydpenguin!  Guuse and myself, Fylliper!

GUUSE: Who do they judges want to go home?  If they want Sir Wurmple to go home, Sir Wurmple loses a vote, and the same goes for Lakera.

DUDE1T: I want Lakera to go!


GUUSE: Sorry Lakera.

NALYDPENGUIN: Finally!  Now Lakera can go at last!

FYLLIPER: You never did well, Lakera.  That’s why we want Sir Wurmple to stay and you to go!

GUUSE: So five votes have been deducted from Lakera’s total score – we have our results!

FYLLIPER: One of you are safe and finished the night on 6 votes, but the other is eliminated with…negative 5 votes!!!


GUUSE: That means the person who is eliminated got less than 0 votes…and leaving the FCPS Awards is of course…


Reminder =] November 28, 2007

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Just a reminder –

Vote as much as you can because this week every vote will be counted DIFFERENTLY!!! So vote as muchas you can!!!

>>FYLL =]

Elimination #2: Live from St Petersburg, Russia! November 23, 2007

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KAUTR: It’s freezing here!  Can’t we go to some summery place?  Just start already!




FYLLIPER: Hi!  It’s me Fylliper and you are watching the 2nd elimination of the FCPS Awards Season Five!

GUUSE: Hi it’s me Guuse and we are live in St Petersburg, Russia, in our trip around the world!

FYLLIPER: The FCPS Awards recently got 10,000 viewers!  Great job!  But this week Dude1t resigned from the show and Mooseluver8 failed to respond to about five of our e-mails.

GUUSE: That means that tonights judging panel is: Nalydpenguin, Bigmonkey123, Kautr, Guuse and Fylliper!

FYLLIPER: We are trying to hire Superhakan to fill in for Dude1t. 

GUUSE: Anyway, let’s welcome your top five!


FYLLIPER: Zaakhy!  Lakera!  Manjensen!  Fotis01 and Sir Wurmple!


GUUSE: The predetermined order for the pictures is: Zaakhy, Fotis01, Lakera, Sir Wurmple and last Manjensen.

FYLLIPER: Let’s start! I’m not feeling well… so Zaakhy, you’re up first!


NALYDPENGUIN: Zaakhy, nice background, but the edited hat was poorly done. Same with your very attempt to edit. Learn to say wow on club penguin, then talk to me in a week! I give you 4.

BIGMONKEY123: Great, exept whats on your head? If you were trying to make a hat … it doesnt look like one. 8

KAUTR: You’re speech bubble doesn’t look right and it’s not that neat.  But it looks nice so I will give you 7.

GUUSE: Very good! 9.

FYLLIPER: Well, that is neat except for the bit that you put in it.  You look messy and so does your speech bubble and your hat.  But the building is nice! 5!

ELITE777: Well done Zaakhy!  That is 33 points!  Great job!  By the way I am just filling in for the hosts tonight.  Now can we see Fotis01?


NALYDPENGUIN: Fotsio1, I like your clothing, but you clearly don’t have the Russian Hat club penguin made! Anyone who is wearing that I will give good points to! Why can’t you guys just say something Russian? Look up a stereotypically phrase for Russian people, and say it! I give you a 3.

BIGMONKEY123: Well, IM not sure what russia lookas like, but I guess I could give you a 7

KAUTR: That is alot neater than Zaakhy – that’s for sure!  But still not neat enough.  6.

GUUSE: I like it!  8.

FYLLIPER: Well it may be neater than Zaakhy, but it’s not neat enough!  Russia is a very cold place and you have shown that in your picture.  But the speech bubble is too bright.  Couldn’t you do black bubble and black text?  Well you’ve improved heaps, Fotis01!  Great job! 7!

ELITE777: Fotis01 what an  improvement!  You scored 31  Next up is the only girl remaining.  It’s Lakera!


NALYDPENGUIN: Lakera, Sloppy editing. Was it you that last week said ‘fire at will?’ Anyway, this isn’t a military school! The edited soldiers were terrible by the way! I give you a 2.

BIGMONKEY123:  Nice Idea, you make many creative and thoughtful pictures Lakera, im proud of you! 9!

KAUTR: That is excellent editing!  8!

GUUSE:The black soldier looks weird…so I give you 6.

FYLLIPER: Lakera.  I don’t know what Nalydpenguin means when he says your editing is sloppy, because it is great!  But the black soldier does look weird!  But – your penguins are wearing ROMAN helmets.  This is RUSSIA, not ROME.  Italy is next week Lakera!  So the Romans are flyign a Russian flag, eh?  That brigns the score down.  In fact, now that I look at it closely, your soldiers do look floppy, and what’s with that girl penguin in the background?  Sorry but you didn’t impress me – 2.

ELITE777: Mixed reactons from the judges? Lakera you scored 27…next is Sir Wurmple!


NALYDPENGUIN: Sir Wurmple, That picture isn’t so bad, actually. Church is culture (something most of you lack) and you are dressed up for church. Nice combination!  I give you a 6. Work on you streets a little though.


Nice One! I love it! Its neat and Russia-ish. You drew some, but for once it doesnt effect the picture! 10!

KAUTR: That’s quite good!  In fact, very good! 9!

GUUSE: They’ve already said it. 8!

FYLLIPER: Well, if you make Nalydpenguin happy, you’d think that you’d make us all happy.  But I’m going to be picky.  You haven’t cropped the picture much, there is so much empty space on the right hand side.  And your roads aren’t that nice.  And why are you walking on the road?  Are you going to church before getting run over by a car?  Suicidal, eh?  You must have caught the Rattybor disease from last week.  Little mistakes cost you, so I score you 4.

ELITE777: Great job Wurmple!  You got our first 10 for the season!  A total of 37 points!  Last up is Manjensen!


NALYDPENGUIN: Manjensen, What the- that picture is just…. just….. terrible! What were you thinking? Oh wait I already know, ‘This is bigger than magic kingdom!’ No culture!!!! You get a 2.

BIGMONKEY123: LOL! Awsome! But couldnt you have added a bit more? 7

KAUTR: Errrrr…the magic kigndom? 4.

GUUSE: It’s quite childish, and I am a child!  So I give you 6!

FYLLIPER: “Wow this is bigger than the magic kingdom”.  Wow, that is the terrible-est picture in the world.  How do we know if that is Russia?  Your writing is out of your speech bubble!  There are black circles around the building.  You are cropped absolutely terribly – just as bad as last week.  And it looks like you are storking that lady!  Wow, you should’ve gone last week, but you MUST go today!  Anything good about that?  No!  1!

ELITE777: Yowch…once again mixed reactions and you get 20. 

FYLLIPER: A message from Nalydpenguin:

NALYDPENGUIN: I think tonight went bad, again. Some people are beginning to improve, while others don’t belong here. I feel that Lakera should go, because I feel that there is no hope for her editing to improve.

FYLLIPER: I think Manjensen should go, and if he doesn’t I will be mad!

GUUSE: Now by dividing the judge’s total score by 5 and adding that new score to the contestants votes, we can find out who is eliminated.  Remember – votes are deleted every week.

FYLLIPER: Zaakhy.  You got a great score from the judges.  But did your voters keep you safe?  You are in the bottom three again.

GUUSE: Fotis01.  The judges thought you had improved.  What about your voters?  They put you in the bottom three.

FYLLIPER: Sir Wurmple.  You got a very high score.  But was that enough?  Yes it was, you are through to the next round!

GUUSE: Lakera.  A mixed reaction from the judges.  Did your voters help you out?

FYLLIPER:Manjensen.  You were hated by me and Nalydpenguin.  Could your voters save you?

GUUSE: One of you two is in the bottom three and the other is safe.  Manjensen, once again you are in the bottom three.

FYLLIPER: Zaakhy.  Fotis01.  Manjensen.  Who is going home tonight?  It’s not Zaakhy, that’s for sure!  Our bottom three is Fotis01 and Manjensen.

GUUSE: Leaving the FCPS Awards Season Five is…